Fishing Report:

Fishing Port Aransas, Texas

Author: Christopher Meza

Port Aransas Fishing Report

It’s been awhile since we headed further south for some saltwater fishing but we did just that this past weekend. We went down to port Aransas, Texas and fished the channel side of the jetties. For the past couple weekends I’ve been in a slump of Not catching and I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong but fishing has been slow for me.  We fished next to a pier called Roberts point and we have caught black drum, bonnet head, Spanish mackerel and a few other species but this past weekend we ended with over 40+ hard heads. Lalo, another ambassador caught a net full of mullet that we used for bait. What was interesting to me was that the water was crystal clear and usually when I fish this spot it’s never that clear. We fished for several hours and literally every cast was a hard head. As soon as the bait hit the water we had on another hard head.  After awhile we stopped and packed up and it was time to eat some food.  After eating we drove around the beach and looking at all the scenery for about an hour or so.

We moved further up the channel and fished till 11pm. When we moved spots I was throwing artificial and walking along the wall and noticed how clear it was in the shallower water and how clearly I could see to the bottom. As I was walking back and fourth I noticed something in the water swimming and it was a dang sheep head cruising along the edge of the wall and I instantly took off the swim bait off the jig head and put on a shrimp but as I came back he had disappeared into the murky deep water. Other than the sheep head, 40+ hard heads, crystal clear water and catching plenty of bait, we didn’t catch anything spectacular but  fishing is fishing and if i had to spend time doing something I would rather be fishing!

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