Fishing Report:

Fishing Mayhem In The Gulf Of Mexico

Author: Albert Acosta

Spring Gulf Of Mexico Fishing (Everglades)

Ruben on Big Bull Shark
Fighting Bull Shark

Spring is here in Florida and that means one thing...get your fishing gear ready! The winds were forecast to be light and I got the Epic Tails ready for battle. I called good friends Ryan and Ruben and told them to get ready we were going to Fishing Valhalla as we call it. It's a special place where the fish are plentiful and various species can be caught.... and where monsters roam..... Valhalla was waiting for us. I prepared all the rods and reels the night before that were loaded with Bullbuster 30, 50 lb braid and 100 lb mono. They were ready for a fight and a fight was coming. We stopped at local bait store and loaded up with live shrimp and pinfish and continued on our way to the Gulf of Mexico. The run out to the Gulf was beautiful and the sunrise was stunning.

Gulf Sunrise

We continued out to the Gulf until we reached the battlegrounds....we had arrived... Valhalla. After checking which way the current was moving we anchored and tossed our baits into the water. It did not take long and Ruben was on to a serious fish. The fish hit a small jig with shrimp and was running like a dragster. I knew what was next... the monsters... yes monsters. See some people think monsters are a fairy tail, folk talk, legends....but I assure you monsters are real and I have seen them... I have seen what they are capable of.... lol ok enough of the dramatics. The sharks were coming man the sharks were coming and they were not going to back down. As Ruben fought the strong fish I could tell what it was... it was a big permit.... the run a permit does is like no other. I told Ruben's to put the hammer down and tighten the drag and muscle that big permit in. As the fish got closer we finally laid our eyes on it... it was a majestic silver permit close to 30 lbs we estimated. The permit was close but he had a big bull shark on his tail. We tried to get him in but the bull got him....we were crushed...Valhalla had claimed its first victim. We kept fishing and weeding our way through the onslaught of jacks and blue runners. Ryan hooked up and landed several nice seatrout. 

Ryan and Ruben with nice Seatrout


We had steady action through the early part of the morning taking in some nice Seatrout and pompano. 

Ryan with Pompano
Pompano are delicious

We kept fishing and hooked up to some nice cobia in the 20-30 lb range but the bull sharks were not giving us a chance at landing them. As soon as we hooked one they would show up in a matter of seconds and claimed their bounty....we nicknamed them the Guardians of We lost several cobia to big bull sharks it was one of those days. We also landed some nice Spanish mackerel that were hitting hard and making some nice runs. 

Big Spanish Mack
Rubens Mack
Spanish Mack

We also had a several hookups with the monsters... we fought them on the Penn International 16 VS loaded with Bullbuster 100lb mono. We fought at least 4-5 of these beast but they were just to big and powerful that day and had hook rip out of them several times. 

Only luck with the sharks that day was a small lemon I landed on one of our smaller set ups.

Lemon Shark
Shark fishing

At one point we had the sharks all around the boat... they were in a frenzy eating everything in their path.... it's a scary place... no one can slip and fall in the water... that would be the end of you.... you won't have time to make it back into the boat. We kept fighting cobia and Ryan had an epic battle with a 20 pounder. The sharks were chasing it as we maneuvered the boat trying to scare the sharks away. The cobia was leaping out of the water and doing 360 flips in the air to save his life...he ran under the boat jumped on the other side 360 back the other way then did hairpin turns around the big bull sharks until he was  no more...he died a glorious death.... he is in Valhalla now....he is Legend. Short video of some of the action from that day attached here for you.

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