Fishing Report:

Fishing Locos 3rd Annual Go Big Or Go Home Surf Fishing Tournament

Author: Christopher Meza

Texas Surf Fishing Tournament

This past weekend I fished the Fishing Locos 3rd Annual Go Big or Go Home Surf Fishing Tournament down in south padre. Other than fishing Port Aransas and PINS, I had never fished in south padre. Well Another weekend of fishing and no catching but it sure was tough with not so much favorable conditions.

After sleeping a max four hours we heeded to registration at 6am in the morning and signed up. We headed straight to beach access 5 and high tide was all the way up. Not knowing how the beach is down here we waited a bite before we decide to keep on going. Soft sand, high tide and not much space from the hills seemed impossible but once we got a couple miles down it opened up and didn’t seem so bad after all.

I was told the water is pretty clear down in south padre but this time it was chocolate milk and catching bait was tough.  Due to the tropical storm Cindy that hit the gulf coast during the week seemed to stir up the water in south padre even though it hit nowhere near south padre. We caught one small fish in the cast net while walking along the beach and that was it.  

We had several rods out with mullet and soaking for a couple hours and changed out every couple hours but we had nothing pick up our baits.

Will see what fishing this weekend has in store for TexasFinChasers!

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