Fishing Report:

Fishing For Threshers + Rockfish With Doug

Author: Colby Uva

Fishing The La Jolla Canyon (August 2019)

I met Doug at the Marlin club last year when I first moved to San Diego.  He has been awesome enough to show me around town and cool spots like Phill's BBQ and take me fishing. 

A few weeks ago I met Doug down in San Diego to do some fishing. I still haven't caught a bluefin, but it was only two of us, and frankly, I had plenty of obligations and wasn't going to be able to pitch in for gas to make it out to the banks where they had been frequenting.  Doug had a good report out of La Jolla and has caught some nice Thresher Sharks in the Canyon in August, so we loaded up the big rods, and a few smaller ones.  

We had a quick breakfast at Dana Landing, and then headed out.  The run wasn't bad, and soon we had two 50 wides out with long 400Lb leaders and BIG plugs. One was a Rapala X-rap and the other I don't know the model but it was made by Nomad.  I had never seen a plug which such a big lip.  Doug says that it gets to 40 foot swim depth if you let it back far enough, and that is impressive.  

There were some small spinner dolphin working the area, I also sent back a cedar plug, however we had no takers.  We worked the area for some time.  It looked very promising with how much action was happening on the surface.  We gave it a few hours, and Doug made the call to hit the fish taco grounds.  

Within a few drops we had a nice red and a few chuckleheads.  Good eating right there. They tasted like they already have butter in their white meat.  The bite slowed a bit so we headed in to shallower waters, being sure to stay out of the MLPA.  

We pulled out some hookup baits and proceeded to catch a few more rockfish, a few Calico's and a buzz.  It was time to head in.  Looking forward to making it back out for those threshers. 

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