Fishing Report:

Fishing For Cubera Snappers In South Florida

Author: Colby Uva

Cubera Snapper Fishing In South Florida

Every year in August the Cubera snapper gather on certain wrecks and anglers get their shot at these monster snapper. The bait of choice is live lobster and luckily at this time of the year they are in season and plentiful.  Last August I went with long time friend Shannon Bustamante, also known on Youtube as Sharkin With Seaweed, to target these monsters. The video below shows what happened on this trip.  The video includes a number of tips and trips for targeting the Cuberas including rigging, alternative baits and more.

We were lucky enough to land a number of Cubera including my personal best fish. We did not have a scale but my guess is it was around 30Lbs.  Shannon got a larger one that was probably closer to 45 or 50Lbs.  We fished with heavy tackle (80 wides) to keep the fish away from any sharks that might have been hanging around the wreck waiting to eat one of these Cuberas. Luckily we did not have a single Cubera get sharked. 

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