Fishing Report:

Fishing Day With Dad

Author: William Johnson

All to often I here the  people in the generation above me say how they regret not spending more time with their loved ones before they pass. Life is short and if you don't live free from regret it will bother you for the rest of your life. Spending time with your parents is a very important thing most people hardly make time for. Often forgetting that they owe them the whole world because here you are. So no matter how bad you feel they did as a parent, you are still here alive so they couldn't have been that bad growing up. They have earned the right to see what kind of man or woman you have become. Then by spending time with them your kids see it and remember it . Then when you're 50 they will do the same. A generational thing that if done by the masses could change the whole world for the better, one small part at a time.

After a long day out at sea me and dad didn't want to stop. We all know that a long day fishing plus a comfortable spot equals ZZZzzz. So we loaded the kayaks up for a end of the day drift on the bayou. A inland waterway that connected the bay to the pass. Lots of good fishing in there in the colder months.

The air was thick and still, the water calm and cool. It was very nice considering there were no bugs. The heat was a bit much but it is Florida. We paddle about .5 miles  working docks on the way. We caught a few small reds and specks only fueling the competitive nature of me and my dad. As we worked back a few dock lights turned on. It was a bit early but anything that increases the odds of fish is fine with me. My dad slowly snuck up on this hole to the left of a pier with a nice bright light. He had been at this spot before, you could tell by how he approached the dock and knew right where to target. 

He flipped a live shrimp right outside of the bright part of the light. The preferred way to fish in the inland water ways is free line. Its the most natural presentation and with the right bait is like ringing a dinner bell. As soon as that shrimp hit the water a swirl and it was gone. The Bull Buster mono snapped tight as dad set the hook. That red  pictured with me broke water and zipped around the kayak pulling out line. In these bayous its important to get the fish in the kayak as fast as possible. The tree litter, old sunk dock poles and fallen boat houses damaged by hurricanes littler the bottom . The bull buster preformed like always with its strength and dependability. He landed the fish and we called it a night. Him taking the catch of the night although I caught the most fish.

Top quality gear and a bit of skill will always put fish in the boat. Today was an awesome day that couldn't have ended any better. I spent lots of quality time with my dad and provided a good dinner for my family. As I smell the fish frying as we speak, I cannot help but reminisce of times fishing. I remember some of my earliest memories that started this passion for me . They all had one thing in common. My dad was there. A influence I'm sure he had no idea would last 2 generations. Yes dad I know you are proud, and I'm passing the torch.


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