Fishing Report:

Fishing Braunig Lake (4/1/2017)

Author: Christopher Meza

Counting the days till we head further south to do some surf fishing but till then our quick fix to do some fishing will have to be our local lakes. Myself and another ambassador (Lalo) decide to fish braining lake and fish the same spot we did in our last article. If you haven’t already checked out my previous article click here!

By 5am I was up and ready to hit the lake and secure a spot before the weekend crowd shows up.  Before I arrived I made a quick stop to get some ice and got me some bill millers sweet tea.  After the quick pit stop I made it to the lake around 6:05am and gave the lady my pass. Once I got my pass back I headed straight to Dead Tree and saw how packed it was with overnight people fishing.

Since we haven’t fished Calaveras Lake in awhile we decide we head over to that lake and fish. Don’t remember what time we arrived but we found a spot to the very back of the lake and we had the whole area to ourselves. After a few hours of fishing we had no action and head back to Braunig Lake. After a quick pit stop at a gas station we got back to Braunig Lake.  Once I got in I went straight to dead tree and saw exactly what I wanted to see, our spot had opened up and wasted no time setting up.

We couldn’t catch the bait we wanted and had no crawfish but we had shrimp, cubs and shad.  About an hour or so goes by and someone we knew came by and asked if he could fish with us and we said sure.  He had about a dozen crawfish or so and Lalo decided to throw one out and I was using shad if I remember and was trying to catch some glass minnows for bait with no luck.

"Clicker goes off and its not my rod but Lalo’s and its peeling some drag.  He fights the 35 and a half inch red fish for couple minutes until he brings it in.  He caught this nice red fish using crawfish."

We caught more reds but nothing as big as this one all day. We hit plenty of keeper reds reaching legal size (20 in) but I myself was after something at least 35 plus inches but did not happen for me but regardless of that we had a good day of fishing.

Forgot to mention I did catch something different and it wasn’t a fish. I don’t know the proper name for this bird but I’m going to say some type of hawk dove down to get bait and hit my line and got tangles up and as the line was reeled in the hook was stuck right by his chest. So we couldn’t just cut the line we had to remove the leader, hook and sinker, which are all, attached to a three –way swivel. Safe to say we got the hook out and flew away like nothing happened and was back to diving for bait.

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