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Fishing Braunig Lake

Author: Christopher Meza

Fishing Braunig Lake.

Finally, spring break is here and that means fishing all week for me. Well almost all week but we did have an awesome day of fishing. Me and my buddy Lalo decide to do some fishing and stay overnight at Braunig lake. With spring break in full affect we knew that fishing during the week was going to be less packed. I headed out around 6 am from home and arrived at 6:30 or so. Pulled up to the front office and gave them my year pass to get my ticket for the day. The plan was to head straight to dead tree and fish the tip of that area. Once I got my ticket I headed straight over to the spot and it was already filled with people and I don’t personally like to squeeze in between people but we had some open area to the right of the tip. We did have someone to the left of us but they ended up leaving which gave us access to the whole tip of that area. We had seven rods between us both, two of them to the left and 5 to the right. Keep in mind park rules only allows us 2 rods per person but after awhile people cleared the area so more for us. 

Dead tree point at Braunig Lake

"Neither the red fish nor hybrids can reproduce in this lake and not sure why exactly but they sure are fun to catch!"

Well if you don’t know, Braunig Lake is stocked with freshwater reds, hybrids, bass and catfish. Neither the red fish nor hybrids can reproduce in this lake and not sure why exactly but they sure are fun to catch! What we like to use for bait varies but what worked for us that day consisted of live Crawfish, shad and shrimp. We also like to mix some of that bait with Fishbites to add more scent. We ended up with 14 red fish, 5 catfish and 2 hybrids. We released some of the smaller keeper reds and kept the bigger ones but overall we had an awesome day of fishing. below is some of the fish we caught!

mixed bag from Braunig lake

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