Fishing Report:

Fishing And Not Much Catching

Author: Christopher Meza

I don’t about you guys but fishing has been slow for me. Me and another ambassador been slaying the reds here at our local lakes for several weeks straight but we just hit a slump of just fishing and no catching.  I can’t complain because I’m fishing but I guess that’s why it’s called fishing and not catching.  This past weekend was free fishing day in Texas and it was also another kids clinic hosted by Fin Addict Angler Foundation. I myself spent several hours helping out on fishing on the bank station to show the kids how to hook the bait and show what type of rigging we use. We went with the classic bobber and worm to demonstrate how simple it is to fish.

After the event we went to Calaveras to do some fishing but since it was free fishing day we knew that finding a spot we liked was not going to happen.  We arrived to a packed lake and found a small area that wasn’t a spot we fish at all but gave it a try.  We didn’t fish too long and since we had no action we left rather early. If I recall my last fish caught was at the Fin Addict 40hr Shoreline tournament and even that day was super slow. Local guides have been coming back in with limits of freshwater reds. 

Tj’s Guide Service put his clients on five limits of red fish and a hybrid.

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