Fishing Report:

Fishing After Storms

Author: Logan Bergamo

Is Fishing Good Before Or After Storms?

Are you looking to get on to a good bite, well try fishing after or before a big storm. Reasoning being is before a storm hits the pressure drops which makes the fish less pressured. For example I fish jetty’s and land based most the time when ever I’m on the jetty and the bait is dead and a storm starts to blow up and every one leaves I chuckle to myself so usually for me the bite turns after the storms. just the other day I was out on the jetty not one fish caught around 5ish a storm blew through wiped everyone off the jetty and left me and my buddy the pier to your sleeves after the storm the red fish were so thick you couldn’t keep a bait in the water for longer the

Redfish Caught From The Jetty After A Storm
Redfish Caught From A Jetty After A Storm

10 seconds after about hour went by the bait slowed down after the pressure started to rise and the bite went dead and everyone started to show back up as the storm had passed and were disappointed in there results so next time you go out plan around the weather and you should have some epic fishing tight lines 

Products used for the red fish

6ft of 20lb fluorocarbon tied to a 1/0 j hook 

20lb yellow braided line which was attached to the 20lb fluorocarbon by an fg knot

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