Fishing Report:

First Tiger Shark Of 2017

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Tiger Shark From The Beach

With a short break in the recent strong winds, Jesus and Jonathan decided to hit the beach. With plenty of big baits they set out 4 rods. Expectations were high, but when it comes to shark fishing you just never know. You can have perfect conditions and the bite is just off and you can have bad conditions and everything just happens to work out. On this night the conditions were good and the anticipation was high. 

Ends up being a very quiet night, but these guys are in it for the long haul. Finally after many hours the bite comes. Jesus's Tiagra 130 gets picked up. After taking the bait Jesus waits for this Shark to take off and once it does he sets up on the Shark and the fight is on. This Shark feels nice but it's no match for the Tiagra 130 loaded with heavy Bullbuster Monofilament and Bullbuster Braid. After a decent fight they see the Shark and its a Nice Sized Tiger Shark. Always special when you land a Tiger Shark. Something about them Stripes and them Black Eyes. After a couple of Pics Jesus and Jonathan release the Tiger Shark. The next couple of ours are quiet and they call it a night. A good night indeed with some Stripes.

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