Fishing Report:

First Sharks Of 2017

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

"Friday January 20th" the day of the Broken Hook.

My buddy Ryan, My girlfriend and I headed up the Southeast Coast in search of some blacktips. We wanted to get on the pre migration fish that tend to frequent the area. We got to the beach and were greeted by a beautiful color change just 900 feet off the beach and smoking north current, which is always a good sign for Pelagic's and sharks alike.

We started casting out the bait rods, with some fresh frozen shrimp that my girlfriend Brook had netted by the thousands the other night! There honestly wasn't much hitting the bait rods other than an abundance of black margates and a few jack crevalles

The plan for the day was to catch blue runners, pompano, and jacks to swim out there live. This is a killer method, which I will be writing in a future "How To" article in the near future. The first Bait we got out was jack crevalle I live lined on my Penn Baja. It made it past the swells and very close to the color change and got smoked! I let the shark eat for a good 15 seconds and as soon as I engaged the reel into gear I was instantly cut off. This is one of the drawbacks with fishing lighter gear and live lining as you have a lot of slack in your line. I turned out the shark cut my main line above my leader. 

Next bait out was another live jack crevalle, but this time on Ryan's Penn 4/0. He had trouble with it swimming out and it eventually died, so he just kept casting it as far he could and let it sit in the trough, until it got wet back in. After doing it enough, he got lucky and had a blacktip charge his jack just 10 ft off the beach! He fought it for about 15 minutes and when I went to leader it, the line went slack. We initially thought it was a pulled hook, but quickly discovered the hook point actually broke.

broken hook point

0/2 on sharks, but we were lit! So we decided to rig up the 12ft rod and cast big baits on bottom. Shortly after, my 10,000 saragossa was singing and we had a shark on! 15 min later I leader a very healthy juvenile Lemon shark. We quickly unhooked her and sent her off on her way.

shark on the beach

We only had about 15 min of light left, but wanted to catch one more shark so we put out on more bait and this time it was Brook who got it. Another 10 min fight, a quick hook removal and we sent another juvenile lemon shark on her way. Not the target species we were after, but we will take it! Looks to be a promising season for 2017!

shark on the beach

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