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First Shark Ever

Author: Team Reel Deal

My First Shark In Florida!

Monday April 16th, 2018 

Brandon and myself  headed down to Florida for a week long trip. 14 hrs on the road and finally made it and just did some fresh water fishing to pass the time before heading to the inlet to float some baits out for sharks. We got to the inlet around 11pm when the tide started going out. It was the first time for me floating baits out for sharks and the first float I hooked up to a big Bull shark we were a little unprepared we didn't bring a harness but it was a blast cause everyone got a turn to fight the shark unfortunately we didn't get and my pics but that was just the beginning of the trip. Sunday didn't produce much. Monday we got a late start but got to the beach and dropped 3 baits. I told Brandon to get ready cause he was up if any of the rods went off. It was my goal to get him on his first shark ever and it didn't take but maybe 2 hours of the baits soaking that the 30 wide started screaming. We got the harness on him and he was on his own. The fight lasted maybe 10 min and me and my friend Jake had the tail rope on this 7 or 8 ft tiger shark. This made the whole trip down worth it nothing like getting someone on there first shark ever now he's hooked and getting his own gear set up to keep shark fishing haha. Gotta thank bullbuster fishing line for the great quality line. If your looking for bulk fishing line at a great price order from and before checking out use promo code cjone and get 10%off your order. Tight lines my friends.

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