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First Great White Of The Season

Author: Outcast Fishing

South Carolina Great White Fishing Charter

I've been looking forward to this time of year all summer. Unfortunately, the weather in the winter isn't easy to deal with.  I finally saw calm seas and didn't have anything on the books, so the day was set.  

This may sound crazy, but I can't sleep the night prior.  There's just something about targeting the apex predator on the planet that puts me on edge, a nervous edge. And not just targeting, we've got a really good chance to see or hook one, and each time I can't help to wonder what kind of pure madness I'm getting ready to witness.  One of my best friends is an F-16 Fighter Pilot, he said it best "I've been shot at, dropped bombs on people, rockets shot at me, but nothing compares to hooking a Great White...that you're battling something that is evil, the nightmare"  I don't think its a nightmare, but there's no denying that the white shark has caused a lot of grief and fear for centuries.  

 Back to the story. We shoved off from the dock at 8am, just me and my good friend Pavel.  I was a little edgy, the fog was bad and visibility was poor.  I thought about heading a little to the north, I wanted to try a ledge that looked great in the summer, but never tried in the winter. Due to the heavy fog we went to ole faithful, a spot where we've caught the majority of our whites. The water temp was perfect, but water visibility was terrible. Maybe 5ft vis, and thats the worst I've seen out there. 

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We began catching Bull Redfish and Sandbar sharks relatively easy. I switched baits, waited about 15 mins from our last sandbar and we hear and faster....and its the rod with the enormous bait on. I kept the reel in freespool, let her swim about 20 yards...then tightened down and cranked like a mad man. The shark darted to the surface and started moving fast due south. Right off the bat we knew it wasn't a sandbar, way too big and powerful. As we're bringing in all the other lines and clearing the deck, we notice the drag is pinned tight and she's just walking away with zero stutter or direction change.  Big fish!  I tighten the drag a little more, zero change.  She wasn't moving super fast, but fast enough that she was leaving.  I honestly don't think she knew she was hooked. Just as we were spinning the boat to give chase, she spit the hook.   We were crushed. That seemed like the largest white we've encountered out there. Never had one walk away, not panicked, and spit it out, 400 yards away. 

Catching 2 Whites The Same Day!

After the loss, we debated on heading in. I always had a theory that each day you fish for a white, you get one shot. If you miss, you lose the day. Until yesterday, i had never hooked two separate white sharks hours apart. 

We decided to give it another try, nothing is set in stone, right?  I couldn't believe it, but at 4pm,  tick tick tick tick....shark ON. I was astounded. He ripped out only about 80 yards.  Enough to know it wasn't a sandbar.  First, anyone who says white sharks don't fight doesn't know quat.  This fish kicked our butt all over the boat.  The runs were short and erratic, the fish was all over the place. Second, its the smartest fish in the ocean.  They really do know whats going on, highly intelligent animal. On the 4th round of grabbing the leader, we finally got him under control.  It was a juvenile, a 9.5 footer. I did my best in trying to get pictures, but with only 2 of us on the boat, its not easy.  We put an acoustic tag on him and sent him on his way.  

It was the first male white shark I've caught, and the first time we've hooked 2 separate whites in the same day. 

We're off to a good start this winter, but I gotta get back out there and look for that giant we lost.  Obsessed! 

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