Fishing Report:

First Day Fishing Open Water

Author: The Tree Guy

First Fish of the Season!

    This winter was one for the record books for sure! With many days at record low temperatures and record numbers of snow fall the sight of open water felt like I was in a dream! A majority of the ponds that I fish are still frozen but one of them is completely thawed! Being a Saltwater fishermen I never fish freshwater but it is always nice to hit the pond! After arriving to my spot I set up my tripod and started rigging my rods. I casted my first rod out into a one of my favorite spots in the pond that produces big carp year after year, and when I turned to rig my other bait the beeper went crazy! By the time I turned around the reel stopped screaming, less then two seconds later it was back and dumping the spool! After turning around I set up on the fish and was tight. After a few minutes I got the fish to the net and I placed him on the matt. This carp was 25lbs! This is the biggest fish in this body of water!! After this I put the rods out and fell short for a few hours with no bite but that one fish was well worth my time! After talking to a few guys around the carp industry in Rhode Island they all agreed that it is the biggest fish so far this year! What a great way to start the season! The Bullbuster 12lb monofilament  fishing line worked flawless as always!

Carp Fishing Rhode Island
Nice carp caught on 12Lb Bullbuster Monofilament

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