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Finally Back At It! Summer Dolphin Fishing

Author: Absolut Fishing Team

Florida Summer Mahi Fishing Report

We just recently refit the boat with new motors, electronics, sound system, more rod holders, among other upgrades. So after a VERY looonnggg month and a half, our boat is back in action, better than ever, and our first trip offshore after the refit was a success! 

Everyone knows the Mahi bite is on fire during the summer time. It's what 90% of those heading offshore are going to look for. The sea is flat, the weeds are thick, and the sun is HOT. Saturday was exactly what we expected. This time of year we have a huge population of small threadfin herring around the neighborhood so it was 2 throws to black out the well with live chummers. We knew it was super flat so the plan then was to point east and pin the throttles. 

We found a good amount of weeds in around 600ft. but quickly moved passed them looking for something untouched and/or better than what we saw. In about 900ft. we found a much more substantial weedline with a few logs hangin' around. It didn't take long before the peanuts showed up, but they were all small and we abandoned the school after a few minutes. We kept cruising down the weedline and spotted a nice school of 10lb fish where at that point.... it was on. 

We dumped a few scoops of chummers and started crushing. After about 20 mins we had about a dozen fish up to 10lbs in the box. I think we "over chummed" them a bit and they shut off pretty quickly. Of course a massive bull was circling the boat but wouldn't touch a thing. After a very frustrating 15 mins of trying to get this thing to bite, we gave up and headed home happy. 

This is the time to shine for mahi fishing, so get out there and get your limit! 

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