Fishing Report:

Fill Your Coolers Up!

Author: The Reward Fleet

Who doesn’t want to fill their fish box with fat spawning mangrove snapper?

The mangrove spawn follows the permit and the mutton.  The snapper are usually creatures of habit.  When you find them in thick number on one segment of reef or structure they will most likely be there next season.  You can find these fish around patch reefs a mile out on outer edges.  You can find mangrove snapper in deeper depths around 100 to 150 feet but they will be more abundant in the shallower spots.  After fishing all day offshore coming back in and finding these fish on your depth finder can produce a lot of fish quick.  

The best bait for the mangrove snapper seems to be ballyhoo, cigar minnow plugs, or live pilchards.

Once you find the designated spot you desire set your anchor ahead of the current so you can create a chum line.  The fish will usually be around the area 20 to 30 minutes.  If you haven’t had much luck after an hour of fishing i would pull anchor and move spots.  The bigger fish like to hang out on the outer edge of the chum line.  Putting out a bigger bait at the end will produce in the smarter/bigger snapper.  I would use a size one to three circle hook with a two to three foot bullbuster fluorocarbon leader.  20 to 30 pounds should do the trick.  Depending on the current will decide on the size of your lead.  The snapper bite usually gets crazy after sunset.  Come out with Captain Ryan on the 8pm to 1am trip to catch some monster spawning mangroves!

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