Fishing Report:

Fathers Day Fishing Charter

Author: Ryan Carson

Danny Chow and his father booked a 4 hour Back Bay trip in the Atlantic Highlands.  We fished a few spots in the rivers. Overall the day wasn’t the best. Between Danny and his father they boated a 7 short fluke. Danny landed the lone keeper of the day for fluke. They also landed 4 sea robins which were also kept for dinner. Throughout the whole day we had to constantly fight heavy currents. The trick was to try and anchor up right behind the bulkhead of the bridge. By doing so we were able to stay out of the major flows of the current and fish the slower moving water. Once anchored up we were using bucktail rigs with double teaser rigs tipped with gulp. Every fish caught was on one of the two teaser hooks.

Color of the teaser hooks and gulp played a huge part. For teasers we tried gold, green, white and hot pink. For gulp we used pink, white and glow swimming mullet. The only combination that caught fish all day was the white teaser with a glow 3 inch swimming mullet gulp.

Sometimes all it takes is switching out colors to trigger a bite. Ive seen this happen multiple times that fish (especially fluke) will follow a certain color bucktail or teaser all day but will never strike. You could fish for hours and not land a single fish and something as small as changing the color from one to another could be the answer. So if you are ever having problems getting bites maybe it’s time to switch to a new color.

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