Fishing Report:

Father/Daughter Mahi Fishing!

Author: Brook Crist

Sometimes Dad Needs Someone To Get Him Out Of The Office & On The Water

I went out offshore on our family's 247 Edgewater with just my dad and I last weekend in search of some dolphin. It took some convincing to get him to leave his work desk on a slow Thursday morning, but I'm sure glad I did! By the time we had the boat ready, we were heading out Hillsboro inlet by 10am. Running straight East there were no boats in sight. Crazy to think Hurricane Florence was barreling towards the Carolinas and we were miles offshore and it was flat as glass and not a storm cloud in the sky.

father daughter fishing

 We found our first scattered seaweed in about 400ft but there was no bait around. We ran further east to about 800 feet where we found a weedline that went on as far as the eye could see. Was the best looking weedline I think I've ever witnessed. 

We pulled up a few feet off the edge of the line, and immediately the bar jacks came from under the shadows towards the boat and so did a massive school of rainbow runners. I threw out a couple handfuls of cut up frozen pilchards, and within minutes the mahi were swimming around the boat. 

We didn't have live bait, so we were rigged up with some Spro jigs on 40lb Bullbuster Mono and those mahi were on them as soon as they hit the water. The majority of the mahi were peanuts (less than 20 inches) but there were some decent schoolies mixed in. We caught our fair share of bar jacks when the mahi weren't quick enough to get to the jigs first. We released a bunch of just undersized mahi but we threw 7 keepers in the cooler. 

There was zero wind, and it was about 100 degrees out there. So after a couple hours of fishing my dad and I called it quits before we got heat stroke, haha. We ran home, I cleaned our catch and later threw together a blackened Mahi dinner.

No we didn't catch out limit, no we didn't catch giants, but we sure had a ton of fun! Those are the kind of memories that will last a lifetime, and that's what really matters at the end of the day! 

Here's the youtube video from that day!


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