Fishing Report:

Fall Striper Fishing - 2020

Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

Here in Maryland the fall striper season progresses as the days are getting shorter the air and water temps are dropping and the north winds are starting to blow. The once prevalent heaps of bait fish in the back bays are starting to dissipate due to colder water temps. They're slowly starting their migration from the back bays out through the inlet into the surf where they will winter. They'll be pursued from both ends followed by local stripers and met by a convoy of migratory striped bass on their way south to winter off the coast of North Carolina. It can be a fun and productive time of year to target them in the surf and fairly easy.

A good idea is to head to your beach during low tide to locate key structures to target during the higher stages of the tide such as holes, points rips, bars, and rocks. Imitating a peanut bunker is very easy and some of my favorite ways are to use a white bucktail paired with a 3 - 7 inch paddle tail or a 1 oz jig head with a white Z-man. I also prefer to skirt my jig heads. A lot of the time the bass will be right at your feet, just beyond the lip ambushing peanut bunker in the suds. This type of pattern can be found from Maryland all the way up to New York throughout the entire winter season. You can also catch them chunking but you would have to weed through tons of skate and dogfish. So my advice would be to get out there and take advantage of this late fall season before your rod tip turns into an icicle and weather does not permit you to fish. As always spend more time fishing and read some of these Bullbuster reports and you'll spend more time catching!

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