Fishing Report:

Fall Peacock Bass Attack

Author: Albert Acosta

Miami Peacock Bass Fishing

There is one fish that I have fished for here in South Florida for the past 25 years that I never get tired of catching...the Peacock Bass. These fish are one of the most aggressive, hardest fighting, bad attitude fish you can go after in Florida. Today I decided to go after these beautiful fish with live bait as the sun was setting. It was a great late afternoon with some clouds but a glorious sunset. It would be dark soon so I had to move quickly.  I grabbed my live bait bucket, my aerator, and my fishing pole and headed out. After searching the banks for some bait I finally found a school of bait fish and spent 25 min catching a dozen.  

Live Bait For Peacock Bass Fishing

I headed out to one of my peacock spots and threw the first bait in keeping an eye out for the inevitable was not long before the line started zooming through the water with a nice peacock bass that swallowed the first bait. After a nice run and some jumps I landed the first of what would be 6 Peacock Bass and 1 largemouth bass. The peacock were destroying every live bait that I tossed into the water. I missed a few strikes because the hits were so vicious and fast I did not have time to watch my line and set hook. When a peacock bass sets its eyes on its prey... its over. They don't miss, sometimes they hit just out of pure rage not hunger. That's why I love these fish... their special. 

Miami Peacock Bass
Canal Peacock Bass Fishing

Currently the peacock bass are in deeper water they are not spawning and are fattening up for winter. Using live bait right now can be very productive and trophy fish can be caught. I use a size 2 live bait circle hook with Bullbuster braid and fluorocarbon leader to help disguise my presentation.  I use heavier leader line due to the possibility of hooking snook and tarpon in these same waters I fish. I hate loosing big fish! I've lost big peacock bass as well due to the sharp ledges of rock where I fish. 

These fish will head straight to structure to try to hide or cut you off. Using a drag too loose could spell doom for you when fishing around heavy structure. The heavier leader will prevent these break offs. You always have to be ready for a surprise when using live bait REMEMBER THAT. 

I have learned my lessons a few times when fishing for peacock bass and all of a sudden a 20 Lb snook shows up and swallows your live bait and cuts you off. If you have not tangled with the peacock bass yet, then you don't know what you are missing. South Florida has a healthy population of very good size Peacocks. 

Trophy fish in the 7-10 lb range can be caught if you are patient and willing to go to multiple spots until you spot one. They are always willing to demolish a lure, fly or live bait and fight you hard. Sometimes the bigger the bait the bigger the peacock. They will swallow very large baits, I have seen them eat bass and other peacock bass! Remember to practice catch and release so these fish can reproduce and be caught again. Just another day of fishing in Florida. Hope you enjoyed my fishing report

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