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Fall Fishing Season In Maryland

The transition to fall is beginning. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Water temperatures are beginning to drop. The fish are slowly transition into their fall patterns all throughout Maryland.

Bait fish start leaving their tidal rivers. Getting swept down the bay in currents. There are many species of fish in the Chesapeake bay, tons are keying in on the bait opportunity right now. Spanish mackerel, blue fish, trout, red drum, striped bass, spot, croaker, white perch, flounder, cobia, cownose rays, and more. Surface action has been reported in the mornings and evenings. Which means that fall has one foot in the door.


Spanish mackerel / Blue fish - Spoons

Flounder - 4" berkley gulp swimming mullet / Live lining shiners

Cobia - Live eels / bucktails

Stingray - Cut bunker

White perch - Bloodworms / Small shiners / Small spinners / Grass shrimp 

Spot / Croaker - Blood worms / Grass shrimp

Striped bass - Live lining spot / Soft plastics on jig heads / trolling / chunk baits

Red drum - Chunks of blue crabs

Speckled trout - Jerk shads / Berkley gulp swimming mullet /Spook juniors

Live lining spot is extremely popular for striped bass in these conditions. The crabbing is at it's peak. The fall is a great time to get out and fish. So many opportunities to land many different species. Fisherman wait all year for this time. It's a good idea to stock up on gear now with Bullbuster fluorocarbon line, monofilament  and braided line.

Soon the stocking of lakes, streams, and ponds will begin. There will be an abundance of beautiful rainbow trout, and golden trout. Targeting them on a 1/8 pink wacky rigged worms on a small jighead will work wonders. 

The bass will start moving closer to shore feeding on shad. The mornings and evening hours will be the best bite. Top water will be slamming, be sure to be throwing spooks and wake baits.

Here is a recent shot of a largemouth I caught on a imitation shad 5" swimbait.

Western Maryland will house many pike, pickerel, musky, and small mouth bass. As temperatures plummet pike and small mouth opportunity's will arise in parts of western and northern Maryland.


Stingray - Leaving Soon, Heading South

White Perch, Spot - In waters with hard bottom surfaces 

Striped Bass - Throughout all areas, larger ones will be suspended along channel edges

Red Fish, Cobia, Blue Fish, Spanish Mackerel, Flounder, Trout - Lower bay

Cobia can be targeted swimming with schools of cownose ray, and under schools of menhaden gorging themselves. 

Most fish slowly start to leave the bay, and swim south. So most importantly get out there and spend more time fishing. It's not a hobby it's a passion. #spendmoretimefishing

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