Fishing Report:

Fall Fishing In Miami

Author: Double Threat Charters (Alumni)

What Can You Catch In Miami During The Fall?

Fall fishing in Miami varies from one year to the next. Last season we were already seeing and catching plenty of sailfish during September and October. This year has been different. Instead of sails, we've found ourselves planer fishing for kings and sight fishing for mahi-mahi. 

Sept - October Usually = Sailfish

What happens when you leave the dock with the intention of kite fishing but find green water and no current out to 1000 feet? There go your chances of catching a sail. You might be better off trolling for kings then working a deep edge for mahi-mahi. 

On the other hand, out of nowhere the Gulf Stream might slam the reef. In this case blue water and north current might suggest sailfishing. Better have live bait and the kite rods ready! 

If The Conditions Don't Line Up On The Edge Switch It Up

In addition to chasing pelagics, we like to fill the gaps with deep dropping for species such as vermillion snapper, golden tilefish, and more. The conditions and migrations during fall change on a dime so it helps to be ready for anything. We like to leave the dock with bonito strips, ballyhoo, 30+ live baits, and even a few sword baits on every trip. What we target each day will depend on the conditions and what's biting.

It helps to always be prepared. We have over 25 rods on the boat and are always ready to change techniques. During winter we anticipate kite fishing on most days but during fall, you just never know. Preparation and versatility are imperative for success.

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