Fishing Report:

Excited To Be Part Of The Bullbuster Community

Author: Capt Paul Mandella

Warm welcome at Bullbuster in the cold weather months.

As a newcomer to the Bullbuster Community I'm not sure of all the protocols as yet but I did want to take a moment to introduce myself if that is allowed.

My name is Capt Paul Mandella, I run a charter fishing operation on the south shore of Long Island New York.

Striped Bass

I am EXTREMELY excited to be a part of the Bullbuster community and after having read such wonderful things about the products on various Web fishing boards I cannot WAIT to give them a hard workout in the coming 2017 Northeast fishing season.

Getting the Salty Fix.

While fishing opportunities in the Northeast are fairly limited at this time of year I do still need my "salty fix" and get that by visiting local beaches and taking in the wildlife that visits us in the "off season".

I'm very happy to be here and look forward to sharing coming fishing adventures here with the Community

Tight lines,

Capt Paul

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