Fishing Report:

Everglades Beginning To Heat Up

Author: ScottRoseFishing

Florida Everglades Fishing.

The Florida Everglades are starting to show some life and begin to produce some really quality fish.  The fishing in the everglades has everything to do with water level - when the water is high, the fish spread throughout the marsh and the bite gets tricky, as you are unable to cast to as many fish.  When the water level drops, the fish concentrate into the main canals.  I have recently begun to see the water levels drop and the bite has dramatically improved.

I was out there on Monday and had a lot of success throwing gambler Big EZs and Trick worms around the pepper grass that lined the sides of the canal.  These fish were active early and by midday the bite had completely shut down. We had overcast conditions, which often allows the bite to go on all day, but this was not the case on this adventure.  We found that if we dead drifted our baits right off the edge of the droopy, we would have success getting picked up after waiting a few seconds before picking up our retrieve.  Color didn't seem to matter, it seemed more important to be working proper zones, as in the upper grass they were sitting in.

Peak fishing just around the corner.

With winter approaching, the bite should steadily improve with a peak in February and March.  These fish are beginning to bed down and when you spot bedding largemouth you can target them in just about any way you want.  Always remember to practice good catch and release tactics, and ensure a good healthy future fishery that you are participating in.

Tight lines,


5 LB Largemouth double up.
Beautiful largemouth from the florida everglades.

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