Fishing Report:

"Eating With A Golden Spoon"

Author: #TeamDorsal

Parents don't frame pictures of their kids playing video games. Go Fishing! Raise them on the water with a fishing pole, not in a house on a gaming console. When the beach is choppy and nasty we like to go inshore wade fishing. We tend to go about hour and a half before sunset. Penn pursuit 3000s on 7ft fast action rods spooled with 20lb bullbuster braid. Using a 10 inch section of 30lb mono for leader tied to a Johnson's gold spoon. When wade fishing you wanna keep moving. Keep chasing the fish throw a couple times if no hits move on. Of course rule number 2 is watch out for stingrays but you're more likely to get a blue crab pinch on the toe honestly. You will be alright just walk it off & keep chasing the fish throwing that spoon toward the ends of docks and reeling back in at a steady pace. We made it about quarter mile down when we found our honey hole. Right around sundown that spoon lights up in the water and fish can't resist them. My nephew threw it out and felt a thump quick snatch and it was hooked. Reeling it in the fish was thrashing a nice slot speckled trout. Fun fact speckled trouts are actually in the drum family. We tied it to our stringer and kept moving. A few cast later he hooked up again. This time the reel started to sing. I knew right away what he had and I guided him saying hey if he wants to run let him run. He was patient and worked the fish to him about 2 minutes later he landed a slot red drum. Awesome job bud!!! 

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