Fishing Report:

Easter Weekend Fishing

Author: Christopher Meza

Easter Fishing In San Antonio TX

Another week goes by and that means more fishing for me. Easter weekend and we already know that means a VERY packed lake for this up coming weekend. Thankfully, I had the day off on Friday and I knew this was going to be the best day to fish before the weekend crowd really came in.  As soon as my alarm went off I was ready to fish and got to the lake by 5:49am and there was already 20 cars or so in line.  

As soon as I could get in I went directly to dead tree and the spot I wanted to fish was already taken.Waited for a fellow ambassador Lalo to show up and we ended up at 1st point. Lets just say that Lalo's been on fire catching 30+ in reds for the past couple weekends. I myself finally broke the ice with one at 30in this weekend.We ended up with 5 red fish and with the smallest being 30in.

30in red fish

The bait of choice this time was again crawfish with some fish bites and even just using fish bites by itself. I did mention this in my other article what flavors that we use and that’s Shrimp, crawfish and crab

How I hook the crawfish is by starting by the tail and push through till you reach the end of the hook and you should come out under the head of the crawfish. Once you do that, add a piece of fish bites to that and that will also helps secure your bait from flying off when casting. I prefer to use a 7/0 circle hook using Bullbuster monofilament to make my Carolina rig and a 4oz egg weight.

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