Fishing Report:

Early Season Trip

Author: Str8_Hookn

Crazy Day Out in the Ocean For Some Sharks!

At an air temp of 85F and a water temp still hanging at 70F, we decided to do a late April daytime trip. Water was still a little chilly but this was the first nice Spring day yet and it was tempting us to get some baits out.  Who are we to resist? 

Luckily, we arrived at the beach early. Water may have been a little cold for most swimmers but there were already tons of people lined up on the beach, eagerly soaking up the sun. We found a found a spot to set up and was able to quickly send two baits out; a tasty fresh ray about 400 yards and a giant blue fish about 500 yards. We were hoping to get lucky. 

We sat there for about an hr enjoying spring at its finest. It was nice and quiet, then out of nowhere, from the corner of our eyes, we noticed the rod tip twitch a few times and several yards of line slowly rolled off and then went slack. We tightened the line back up in anticipation a screaming hit.  It didn’t come.  Sat back down and wondered if it would come back around. After about fifteen minutes, the line went slack again. Up we went, tightening it up again. Three more time the process repeated, each time hoping for a big fish. No luck. We were starting to get discouraged. Thinking, “Alright, let’s see what we got here,” I started to crank the Mak 80W with little to no resistance.  To my surprise, about twenty feet from the shore, a small fin appeared on the surface of the water. Low and behold a baby black tip. 

Unfortunately, he was no match for the Mak.  After a clean hook removal, we took a few pictures to document the day and the shark safely went back home to grow up some more. Till next time little guy. 

Great spring weather, beautiful beach, and side of sharking. All around a fantastic day at the beach. Can't wait for it to get warmer. 

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