Fishing Report:

Early December Sailfish

Author: Austin Porter

Miami Sailfish Report


Fished Sunday December 3 in hoping to find a few sailfish. Started off looking for them off Miami in the shallows than going to the ocean to drift. At about 1pm no luck what so ever and hearing the reports on the radio that day that no one found them. We set up a deep drift for one final drift in about 300 feet of water where it was sorta blue water, I put out a stinger rig with wire, ballon, giant runner just incase a toothy critter was hiding in that deep water.

About 10 min into the drift the rod went off and when I grabbed it, it was a sail going nuts. This fish stayed in the air for a few minutes going wild. After about 20 minutes we boated the fish were it took us a few min to cut all wire and hooks out of him to be safely released

He was caught on Bullbuster 20lb mono with 60lb leader.

While drifting we would put cut baits down on the bottom and almost every drop was a mutton. Most of them being short but a few keepers. Hopefully thats a good sign to see that many little fish. 

Hopefully since a solid cold front came through the sail fishing will pick up here!

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