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Author: The Shark Boys

August is a great time in New Jersey. Year round, Jersey has pretty cold water. Especially this year since our winter tended to drag much long than normal. However, its August now and the water temps are hitting high 70s into the 80s, which is real warm for our oceans. During this time we have the pleasure of seeing some different species in our surf. Recently, we got a nice fight was a dusky shark. This shark was definitely not huge, but we have been seeing a lot more of them around now, since the water temp is rising. A lot of times, when people catch dusky sharks, they mistake them for brown sharks because of the twin-like appearance. Brown sharks have a bigger dorsal fin than dusky sharks however. The dusky shark we caught also was much more slimy and had a different smell from the sharks that we usually catch, which we found a little strange. We get excited to see different sharks in our ocean because they fight much more than the usual sand tiger or even brown shark. The further south in NJ you go the more likely you will be able to catch one of these guys. In addition, almost every year a hammerhead is seen cruising our waters, so who knows what the summer season will bring. While you can catch some different NJ species, we tend to travel in order to guarantee we won’t be catching a sand tiger.

Also, we would like to introduce our newest member of The Shark Boys, Anthony! A few weeks back we got the pleasure to meet Anthony shark fishing a few feet down from where we usually fish. That night we both hooked up on one sand tigers and a brown shark. Since, we have been fishing with Anthony every time we go out. He is a avid fisherman just like us and we are so excited to have him apart of our team!

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-Grant, Bryanna and Anthony

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