Fishing Report:

Donkeys Pompanos Snappers

Author: Adrenaline Rush Charters

Wreck Fishing Gone Wild!

Hooked Up To A Nice Fish

We ran a few trips this week. Some wreck trips and bottom fishing trips. First trip was live bait tripp so took a couple dozen gogs out the the wrecks and smashed a few nice amberjacks and got smashed by a few ego damaging reefdonkeys that wouldnt stop with 35-40 lbs of drag and 100lb braid and a couple that got eaten and tried to bring the taxman up till they eventually eat the hooks off. But such is life in the deep blue sea. Popped the kite up with the last few gogs. Caught 3 average sized kings and had one sail check a bait out. Circled it and then gave it the fish finger. 

Wreck Fishing For Amberjacks

Next day did a snapper trip. Snapper bite has been hit and miss but managed to put a few muttons and tails in the box. They were eating sardines with circle hook thru the nose from 90-110 foot of water a little bit south of jupiter inlet. Also drifted over a nice rock and caught a few juvenile african pompanos. Which are always cool to catch.

AJ On Deck

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