Fishing Report:

Dinosaur Snook And Big Reds

Author: Chase Smith

Landbased Fishing For Snook & Reds

Headed out on a trip tonight to a spot I fish quite often. Buckets were full of primo bait, weather and tides were perfect and the fish were biting. Got out to the the spot around 9 a.m. and had four baits crushed by redfish within an hour. It was a strange bite today, with the fish chewing on the bait just until the hook and then spitting it out without even making my clicker go off. Typically when the reds are feeding they get the hook 99% of the time. We ended up catching one redfish apiece on live 3" pinfish by the time dark came around.

Big Snook

 I have a penn senator 6/0 loaded down with 100 lb monofilament, 100 lb fluorocarbon leader, an 8 oz egg sinker and a 4/0 hook that I dropped down with a 5" chunk of Jack Crevalle for Bait. My Rod sat no longer than 5 minutes when my clicker screamed and the rod fell over from the impact. When I locked down on her I knew it was a massive fish and I managed to weave her out from the barnacle coated pickings. When the fish was netted and I saw her hit the pier I was shell shocked at the size of this fish. Amazing night of snook and red fishing from shore. 

Nice Redfish

I hope you enjoyed my fishing report!

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