Fishing Report:

Delaware River Striper Tournament

Author: Ryan Carson

2019 Delaware Striper Tournament Recap

To sum things up it was a GREAT day fishing it just wasn’t a great tournament day of fishing.

Striper Fishing In The Delaware River

We launched the boat around 5 am and started moving along the channel edges to check out different structures while we waited for the 6:36 am (sunrise) start time.  We finally decided where we wanted to anchor up and get our baits into the water about 5 miles north of where we launched. By the time we had all the baits in the water and got situated we started seeing other boats, move in and anchor just down river of us. 

Juvenile Striper In The Delaware River

Not something we wanted to see but we figured we’d give the spot a chance. The first fish didn’t take long to find the bait and it was a nice size catfish maybe 4-5 lbs. Not what we were looking for so back in she went. Not long after we hooked up to our first striper which measured short of the slot limit only measuring 18 inches. 

Delaware River Catfish

We stuck around in the spot for another few hours just catching catfish after catfish. We decided to pick up and run back down river where we felt we had some good structure. All we ended up with was multiple catfish and we decided to pick up and try a mouth of creek hoping to turn our day around. We managed 2 more stripers both small 8 and 15 inches and multiple more catfish.

Delaware River Catfish

We ended the day with about 36 catfish and the 3 stripers. Great day of fishing just not the fish we wanted for the tournament.

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