Fishing Report:

Deep Drops With Bullbuster Braid

Author: Jaren Luke

 Deep Drop Bottom Fishing In Hawaii

Deep Dropping In Hawaii

Deep drop bottom fishing in Hawaii is one of the most challenging yet rewarding styles of fishing we have here in the islands. Many people get discouraged to try it because of the very specific fishing gear, the cost, and the time and commitment it requires. 

I am very fortunate to have many close friends that were willing to teach me different styles of fishing. We took a trip out two weeks ago for a deep bottom fishing weekend. We had electric reels spooled with 150 fathoms of Bullbuster 80# braid on the topshot. Because we started in the evening, we were only fishing in 80 fathoms of water. The next morning we moved out to deeper waters and fished in about 150-180 fathoms of water. 

I must say that I am continually stoked on fishing with this awesome braid! As deep as the water was, the subtle bites felt as though I was fishing with a hand pole! Feeling the bites and setting the hook immediately is crucial to catching these fish and it feels awesome to fish with gear that you can rely on 150% of the time. Aloha.

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