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DEADLY Fishing Rig- Bahamas Deep Drop

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Bahamas Deep Drop Fishing

The Bahamas is not only a haven for pelagic species such as Wahoo, Dolphin and Tuna, but it also provides for some of the best Deep Drop fishing around!

When I refer to deep dropping I'm referring to fishing in depths of water 600+ft on the bottom for species such as yellowed snapper, snowy grouper, mystic grouper, Warsaw grouper, queen snapper and more.

If we know one thing about this earth its that where theres water theres life!

Even though you can't see whats down there, fishermen for generations have been catching these deep water fish.

We used a combination of manual 50 reels and an electric LP reel to catch our fish. Heavy leads from 8-12lb are used to keep the long deep drop rig on the bottom and to maintain a vertical angle between the line and boat. When you have that much line out there is an incredible amount of drag created, and you need a lot of weight to maintain that vertical angle and detect bites.

This type of fishing is not catch and release and used mainly to stock the freezer full of fillets and refereed to as meat fishing.

We have caught upwards of 12 Snapper on a single drop on one rig! the longer you leave the rig down there, the higher the likelihood you will pull up multiple fish rather than just one.

We like a combination of a squishy stinky bait like squid and a firmer bait like cuda on the same hook to ensure we maximize our efforts down there.

You can catch a variety of things on one rig, from amberjacks to grouper and snapper! That is the beauty of deep dropping is that you never know what your going to pull up!

Often times its important to pay attention o fish floating in the distance, as fish can come off the hook on the way up and they will float to the surface, due to barotrauma and not being Abel to expel the built up gasses within their air bladders. We almost always retain a few floaters as we call the, from every drop. 

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