Fishing Report:

Crazy Huge Salmon Catch!

Author: Ryan Peters

June Salmon Fishing (Lake Michigan)

King Salmon fishing is in full swing now on Lake Michigan. We have been targeting 200 to 400 feet of water with a mix of Flasher Flies and Spoons from the surface to 80 feet down. One thing a little different about this year is the average size of the Kings in Lake Michigan. 2 years ago a 20 pound King was hard to come by. This year we already have multiple fish breaking the 25 pound mark, and the biggest fish at almost 28 pounds! Many people out on the lake are reporting on social media that their line is breaking on these huge fish this year. Multiple factors can come into play on this, but I have not broke a line this year. 

I run 20 pound Bullbuster Monofilament on all my lead core and copper set ups. Then I run all 20 pound Mono on my down rigger rods. On every set up other than the dipseys, I run a 10 foot Bullbuster fluorocarbon leader. On the dipsey diver rods, I run a 30 pound fluorocarbon leader. This line is the strongest fishing line I have ever used, and will not run anything else when chasing these giant King Salmon. As the season continues, these fish grow on an average of a half pound per week in the summer. By August these fish are going to be a few pounds heavier making for some great fishing. Good luck on the water and have fun catching these huge fish this year!

Captain Ryan Peters

Northeast Wisconsin Adventures LLC 

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