Fishing Report:

Crazy Day Out Fishing!

Author: Bob Orban

Crazy Shark Stealing My Fish!

On a calm day fishing out of Miami, we got an early start and had luck finding a smorgasbord of bait. Catching everything from mullet to pilchards and ballyhoo to cigars. We started right out front by Fowey throwing the kite up quick and catching a couple dolphin on the surface before running south. The wind began to lay down so we decided to switch to wreck fishing. Luckily I had a penn international 80 loaded up with Bullbuster line ready to go. 

We started by dropping some mullet down on this wreck in 200 feet of water and they were slammed immediately by AJs and unfortunately out of season grouper. After catching several reef donkeys and releasing a big black! This one bite was truly fierce, and started taking line at a rapid speed immediately, our only chance was to use the boat to pull him off the wreck. With the boat nearly on a plane and my buddy doing a two handed crank we got him coming off the bottom. After a long stalemate we finally see color and its a mammoth of a shark. The closer he gets to the surface we can clearly make out that it's a monster bull shark and it even had a tag in his side just under the dorsal fin.

After getting him close to the boat, which he didn't like, he'd take off again and again before finally tiring out and allowing us to take some pictures and retrieve the tag. Once again he wasn't having us humans wrestle him around, eventually the hook pulls and the shark is gone... Nearly 20 seconds later the head of what would have been a 35 lb black grouper floats to the surface, astonished we cursed the shark for eating half the beautiful fish. 

Back at the house we sent the tag in and a couple weeks later we got a response; the shark had been tagged a whole 10 years before 92 miles further north. I was awestruck at just how old that fish really was. All around it was a great adventure made possible by BullBuster!

I know I've been lax on getting these up

Thanks, B

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