Fishing Report:

Crazy Attack At My Canal!

Author: Jianni Hitchman

I Love Where I Live! 

So to start my day off I wanted to go out for some massive Pea’s, because I found out I’m in MonsterMikes area and always there are massive Pea’s where ever I go to fish so imagine ima have a good time any canal I go too. So to start that day I went to my nearest bait and tackle F&F and bought a dozen and a half of shiners. The shiners where expensive 8.99 for a dozen of only big fishes.

Let The Search Begin!

So I wanted to find some spots before I go to fish in my usual canal, so far I found one that had massive Carps in it but didn’t see any Pea’s. So after that I went to another one but didn’t find any ether so I just left to my usual canal. So I went to it and found a school of Snappers. Swimming with Pea’s and large mouth. So I threw my first shiner and they just looked at the fish didn’t do anything. So I through my shiner a different direction and a Small Peacock Just came outta no where! Hook them on and threw him back him. After that I didn’t get anymore hits so I moved on to another canal I knew.
So I through my shiner in the middle of the Canal and less than a minute it got a HUGE hit I thought it was a shark. My rod took off I couldn’t even control it. Another one almost same size gave up easily sadly. So after that day I’ve never been so happy I live next to all theses canals around me.

Tight lines and Thank you!

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