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Corey Booked Me For Peacock Bass!

Author: Capt Drew

Florida Bass Fishing Charter

Repeat client Corey from Boston booked me for a Peacock Bass trip. I put him on giant Largemouth instead.

Florida Largemouth Bass

Corey is an avid Bass fisherman back home. The last time he booked a trip with me he wanted to get Largemouth in the Everglades. This time, he wanted to go Peacock Bass fishing. As the date got closer I began to tell him that there’s a night bite in the Glades that's off the chain right now. I explained to him that if he felt he was hardcore enough, I could put him on some Hawgs. Between the storms and the mosquitos, it’s  not a trip I get a lot of takers on but Corey was up for the challenge. He asked me if he’d get a 5 pounder and I told him he’ll have the chance at several. Sure enough, Corey smoked em. Thanks to 65 lb Bullbuster braid, Corey flipped 4 fish over 5 pounds including this 6.5 pound swamp donkey.

Florida Largemouth Bass

Corey was stunned at the amount of big fish that were biting all night. He said it’s one of the best Bass fishing days he’s ever had. There was a couple bigger fish that got the best of him which only means one thing, he’ll be back!!!

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-Capt Drew

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