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Cool Water Giants

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Boca Grande Shark Fishing Charter

Cruising along the gulf beaches today, scouting for bait and upcoming trips. Water temps have really dropped, we are now in the mid 60's in the Boca Grande and Englewood Florida areas.  Today the water was crystal clear, I lost count of sharks I saw cruising along the beaches.  They were cruising the shallows just on the other side of the sandbar. Eventually I stopped and had to try to get one to eat. It was INSTANT. As soon as the mullet hit the water two sharks chased it down. The first one grabbed it and then dropped it, when the other shark snatched the falling bait. Fish on!   What an exciting sight cast to hook up. 

Boca Grande Shark Fishing Charter

Boca Grande is known for big sharks.  Not many people realize we have them year round!  Yearly the sharks follow the schools of mullet and bait fish into our passes and along our beaches. We get various species in the winter, mostly sandbar, smaller hammerheads, spinner and black tips. Sandbar sharks being the most prevalent and are usually in the 7 foot range.  This species of  sharks tagged in Boca Grande have been caught as far away as New Jersey! How cool is that?!

Aiden wore this shark out, and had her boat side with in 15 mins. That Deck Gear chair really helps anglers get the advantage on bigger species.  Especially sharks, which like to change direction quickly and move you around the boat.  She was feisty, and nearly bit the boat a few times before her tag and release.

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