Fishing Report:

Christmas Sailfish Classic Meat Fish Division Champions

Author: Mike Milewski

December 2018 Sailfish Tournament Report (Juno Beach)

Smoker Kingfish

It has been a while since our last tournament. Our KDW tournament season finished in September and Sailfish tournament season is now in full swing. Unfortunately we do not fish many Sailfish tournaments do to the winter conditions here in south Florida. Even though the conditions are perfect for sail fishing and the bite is hot!  The inlets and offshore conditions are geared for large Sportfish and center console boats. However if we can get out the inlet we will be fishing!

Back to tournament day, the conditions were going to be sporty with a northerly wind blowing 20+. We decided to run up to Lake Worth inlet and fish off Juno and Jupiter for the day. We made the decision the night before that we would get out the kite, set a few flat lines and two downrigger baits.  

The bite was extremely slow for us, a few short strikes on our downrigger baits (gogs) and nothing off the kite. We set up a few drifts from Juno beach to Jupiter, however had the same results.

I decided it was time for a change since there was a meat division within the tournament. We brought all of our gear in and ran back down to the Juno area to set up in a few Kingfish spots.

Sure enough on our second drift our downrigger bait gets crushed! This king took a great first run dumping half of the spool on the Avet LX 6.0. We knew this was going to be a nice fish! Sure enough he was on the run again. I took my time using very light drag and inch by inch I starting gaining some line back.

After 30minutes we saw color and after one last run he was about done. We took the opportunity with a gaff shot and dropped him on the deck!

Big Kingfish Caught On The Kite

It truly was a great day and an outstanding way to close out our 2018 Tournament Season.

Smoker King Caught During The Sailfish Tournament

As always thanks bullbuster for your continued support and producing the best line and leader that leads to tournament wins!!!

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