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Chesapeake Bay 9ft Shoals 6/10/2018

Author: 3 P's Fishing

June Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report

With a nice calm S/SW wind blowing this past Sunday we were able to get out to 9ft shoals located at the northern end of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel near the eastern shore.  Our primary targets were going to be Cobia and Red Drum so we anchored up near the bridge structure with the current pushing the stern towards the bridge.  These fish like to swim up and down the structure of the bridge while foraging for food so positioning this way and using chum allows you to pull those fish off the structure and guide them towards your baits that you have out near the chum.  A good practice when using chum is to put it in a crab trap or something that helps you get it down to the bottom as a lot of the time the fish are down there while looking for food. If you don't have something that can get the chum to the bottom readily available, even it floating up on the surface can still help bring curious Cobia pods to the surface and "investigate" your chum back and some people like to have one on top and one on the bottom if you can afford to swing it.  

After getting anchored up on an incoming tide and putting the chum out, we put out 4 rods with a few different baits down on the bottom.  Our go to bait is cut bait fish like bunker or croaker, but we also like to have out a few offerings in the beginning to see what they're taking to that day.  You can try crabs, shrimp, clams, eels and even squid sometimes produces but often times your best bet is the cut bait fish, the fresher and the oilier the better.  After about 30 minutes and a handful of sharks we got a small Cobia pup in, and promptly back out of, the boat.  Another 30 minutes or so went by and we got a slightly larger Cobia measuring at 39" and got him back in the water as 40" is the minimum keeper size.  When dusk started rolling in, we got one more quality hook up and it turned out to be a nice 36" Red.  We fished until right before dark but had to pack it in because we all had work early in the AM, even though that's prime time to fish for the good size Red drums.

Red Drum

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