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Chase N Tailz KDW & SKA Tournament-Recap

Author: Mike Milewski

Our SKA Tourney Recap

SKA Tournament Recap

Chase N Tailz was our Last SKA (Southern Kingfish Association) Tournament of the season. We have been working hard all season to finish on top of our Single Engine Class in Division 10. Unfortunately we did not land the fish we needed during Chase N Tailz to take 1st place overall. We finished out the year taking  2nd Place on the SKA Tour and Qualified for the 2019 Southern Kingfish National Championship!!  

We pulled off the docked around 5am and picked up our live bait, and made our way in the dark through the inlet. We were greeted by some sporty conditions. We got into position for 6:30am lines and got out our  spread out quickly! But never got a bite. As the morning progressed we made a number of different moves trying to locate some kingfish. It was not until 9:00am that we landed our first King of the day. We continued to get bites, however all the Kings were on the smaller side. We keep gridding throughout the day until the last possible minute before check in.

SKA Tournament Recap

It was truly a slow day for fishing overall. 172 teams were registered, however only 30 boats returned to the scales.

We are truly proud of our accomplishments with just three seasons of fishing under our belt. Prior to three years ago my wife never even caught a fish in her life.  The only experience I had was fresh water fishing and fluke fishing in the north east. Not to mention had zero experience operating a vessel in the ocean.  

SKA Tournament Recap

To be able to achieve our goals it has taken a ton of hard work, dedication, little sleep and thousands of hours on and off the water. We still have a few tournaments left for 2019 and are looking forward to them. Also defending our win last year during the Christmas Sailfish Classic (Meat Fish Division).

SKA Tournament Recap

We have a true passion for fishing and living the off shore life. We could not think of any better way to enjoy every possible minute creating memories with our family and friends .

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