Fishing Report:

Chase N Tailz KDW Recap

Author: Mike Milewski

Just wrapped Chase N Tailz KDW which took place out of Jupiter FL. This was our last meat fish KDW and SKA (Southern Kingfish Association) Division 10 Tournament of the season. We were looking forward to finishing the season on a high note!!

The conditions were great for making some long runs, but not ideal for fishing. With little to no wind it was difficult get and keep our kite up, which is not a deal breaker when solely targeting kingfish. Actually, there are a lot of well-known kingfish teams that will only slow troll live baits. Never the less we got to our first spot right at lines in 6:30am which was about 48 miles from our marina.

Once we were on some of our productive numbers, we deployed our spread. When slow trolling live baits, we fish two baits down deep and three baits up top.  Our down baits are ribbon fish, live gog or live blue runner.  By having three different types of baits we can hone in on a particular bait of interest that day.

Turns out our fist drift was slow and did produce the bite that we were looking for. We quickly picked up our spread and went to our second location were boat traffic/ pressure was minimal. We were just putting out our short bait and the long line (gog) gets smashed!!!

Team angler Cindy Jumped on the reel, as pat and I got up the down-riggers. We were able to turn on the fish and then let out another line while chasing this one down. You never know when you might get a second bite during a fight. But today was not that day!!

We landed the fish which turned out to be 21.6 lbs. The rest of the day slow for us, A few smaller kingfish, but that was about it.

In the end team angler Cindy took 2nd Place Lady Angler!! In addition, we took 2nd in our SKA Small Boat class.  

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