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Catching Sharks From The Beach

Author: Iconic Fishing

Shark FIshing Spree As We Head To Winter!!

As we progress into Winter, the weather is getting colder and the water temps are dropping. With these changes, it causes the smaller species of sharks (Blacktips, Spinners, and Sandbars) to run closer to shore and stack up thick. We used this to our advantage and spent the night shark fishing.

Our choice of bait was Cownose Stingrays. In our opinions, this is one of the best baits for pretty much any species of shark. The stingray stays bloody for as long as it's in the water and the skin makes it extremely easy to hook your bait on your rig. Talking about rigs, for the sharks that we were targeting, we like to use 10/0 Mustad Demon 3x Strong Circle Hooks, about 2 feet of #10 wire, and about 10 feet of 500lb mono leader, all connecting together by 600lb Brass Swivels.

Our first shark of the night was this ~7'6" Sandbar. It was a great fight on the lighter tackle combo, taking nice fast runs both towards and away from the beach.

After our first catch, our baits were soaking for about another hour with only 1 run, but we didn't hook up with that shark. Shortly after, we got another run and pulled this ~5' Spinner on the beach. 

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