Fishing Report:

Catching Live Baits

Author: Arvids Gerulis

Summertime Live Bait (Madeira Beach, FL)

Summertime is approaching and that means it's time to get out the cast nets, sabikis, and get out there and catch bait. This time of year the bait is plentiful and works very good inshore and offshore. This time of year also the baits such as greenies and threadfins if you catching em mid day are going to be stacked up inside the bridges usually in deeper water also they can be found around the beaches. I would either throw the cast net on them usually I use a 8-12 foot net with 3/8" mesh. I like using a net with heavy lead to sink faster and catch more bait such as the Barracuda Cast Net. Also you can sabiki live baits around deeper waters where your net won't sink fast enough or the current is ripping I would use a sabiki rig.

Pinfish and Gruntdalso make great bait inshore and offshore and are very hardy and live long. You can find the pins and grunts around bridges, deeper water, and the flats. You can cast net them but I like to first chum em up and get em fired up and throw the net on them. Also you can catch them on hook and line on sabiki or small hooks tipped with shrimp, squid, all works good.

Once you got your bait it is important to keep them alive either in a big aeration system livewell or keep them in bait pens ready to use.

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