Fishing Report:

Catching Cudas From The Bridge

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Cuda, 'Candy for Sharks'.

This was months before the new regulations on Cudas came out.  Which we are in favor of. Just feel like the commercial guys and the spear fishermen are the ones doing the damage on the numbers of Cudas. The regulations during this trip was 2 Cudas per angler with no size limits. So we could have gone home with 8. But we would not have done that regardless. That's overkill. Anyways we set out to get some Shark Bait for upcoming Shark Trips. 


Family time courtesy of some fishing.

Jonathan, my 2 Boys Chiqui and Javi  and myself head to the bridge. We ran into some Cudas and we got them to hit some Tube Lures and some Live Baits. 


We finished the afternoon with 3 Cudas landed. Chiqui got a nice one by himself and Javi had a monster Cuda and we lost it just as we were about to drop the bridge gaff. Below are a few pics of this memorable trip. Always great to get out with my kids and see them working the bridge.



All the Cudas were caught on Bullbuster 20lb and 30LB Monofilament

Thanks Luis

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