Fishing Report:

Calaveras Lake Fishing Report/ Finaddict 40hr Shoreline Tournament

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

Calaveras Lake Fishing Report   

Calaveras lake is located on 1604 and HWY181,  just south of San Antonio and north of Floresville. This lake is 1 of 2 lakes in San Antonio that houses freshwater red fish, Hybrid Striped bass, large mouth bass, Channel and blue catfish, Tilapia, carp, Spotted Gar, and a number of other species. At one time this lake was filled with Gaspergou, Corvinas and they even released a few freshwater tarpon.

This past weekend the lake was producing fish but very slowly in segments. From what I learned from where I was fishing is that the water temperature was a little hot because when casting Fresh shrimp and Live Crawfish, the baits appeared to be coming back in COOKED. To me this was very odd, so I did a little recon and drove around the lake asking several other fishermen how there baits looked when they were reeling them back in and everyone said they still looked fresh to them. Then I kept thinking that because I fishing closer to the out-take of the power plant on the lake and it had been running for the 4 days I was bank fishing that the water was hotter and the fish didn’t really want the hotter water. As I searched Facebook and looked threw the guided pages. I saw that a local guide hit 7 reds in an hour out back of the lake where the water wasn’t hot because of the plant. He was on a total opposite side of the lake.

Calaveras Lake Fishing Report


 Ambassador Chris Meza and Myself were fishing Table 8 on the right side of the lake toward the outtake of the power plant and from the knowledge we gathered from facebook adn driving around. The fish were more active on the opposite side from the North Ramp near Spider Island all the way left. Don't get me wrong, there were several fish caught near us but non over 27 inches. As we calculated while I was wading in to about 3-4ft of water and casting 80-100 yards the water depth was about 18-21ft deep (using navionics) 

Overall the lake was not dead, there were fish being caught on live crawfish and a piece of fishbites on the hooks. Even a few catfish were caught and even 1 hybrid striped bass. Tons of yellow tailed shad and gizzard shads caught in cast nets, but very little blue gill perch and just a couple palm sized tilapias.  

Lake Calaveras


Would like to Congratulate Ambassador Chris Meza on winning Biggest Catfish (26.5inch Blue) this past weekend during the FinAddict 40 Hour Shoreline Tournament on Calaveras Lake, TexasFinChasers making there mark during the tournament.  

Here’s a little quote I put together this weekend because everyone I was fishing against was either family or friends and there were about 140+ anglers fishing,

“If you fish with me or against me you're FAMILY”

Lalo Ojeda

Here a little recap of the tournament winners and Ambassador Chris Meza claiming his Winnings. Ill be back next year and hopefully claiming a trophy of my own. 

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