Fishing Report:

Calaveras Lake Catfish

Author: Christopher Meza

San Antonio Texas Lake Catfishing

This past weekend we did some over night fishing at Calaveras Lake in hopes of catching some fish.  Very slow night but managed to catch two decent size catfish using gizzard shad on a 7/0 circle hook and some 25lb Bullbuster monofilament.  Lots of bait was in shallow so we had an abundance of tilapia, shad and Rio grand. Tried live bait but nothing hit so I decided to catch some gizzard shad and use cut bait. I caught a couple 8in shad and cut the head off and hooked onto a 7/0 circle hook and casted out. Caught the smaller catfish around 11:30 and didn’t get no more bites till 4am. The smaller catch measured at 24.5in and the bigger was measured at 27in.

What was interesting to me was that that the smaller catfish I caught did not pull any drag and decided to swim all the way left and I had to go over and under a couple rods but still managed to tangle up three fishing lines. The bigger catfish of the two did pull some drag so it wasn’t able to cause any tangles ups with other fishing lines.Fellow fishing neighbors hooked on to a really nice catfish on cut shad around 3am in the morning and a nice red fish on crawfish.

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