Fishing Report:

Calaveras Lake Boat Fishing

Author: Christopher Meza

Went fishing at calaveras lake but this time we fished off a boat, we loaded up and headed towards 181 cove in search of some redfish. as soon as we arrived to 181 cove, you could see multiple boats trolling and various others boats parked, fishing off the bottom. as we anchored up, we would see some redfish caught off rattle traps using down riggers. As he passed by he said, big school of redfish behind your boat and we started casting fish bites into that general area. few minutes go by and then all of a sudden we all started catching redfish and even the boat across from us hooked into a couple of fish.

this redfish decide to eat some fish bites crab and majority of the fish caught on the boat, were on fish bites. my setup while fishing on the boat was a trout setup essentially. 2500 penn clash spooled with 20lb braid and a Fishstik fishing rod that is super light and sensitive. 

Another decent size redfish caught on fish bites.

All four of us on the boat caught our limit of three redfish and ended up with 12 fish total. our bait of choice consisted of fishbites and shrimp. 

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